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The revolutionary, innovative, affordable way to invest in GOLD -- KaratBars!  Small sized single or multiple units available starting around $65.00USD. Click the link provided and REGISTRATION IS FREE. 

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Welcome to our HOME page gallery. These items, along with many others, are being prepared to be sold on ebay, etsy, and other online venues. Be sure to check out our EBAY/ETSY page for current listings or use the CONTACT page to email us for more information on an item or service.


Peace River

Astonishing squash-blossom necklace set with matrix-loaded picture turquoise in sterling silver. Also dated and signed by designing artist.
Auction Estimate: $+++.++

*N/A -- item sold

Silver City

800 coin grade silver card case with vermeil (gold-wash) interior . We now regularly stock different types of these old cigarette cases.

They're definitely stylish business card holders -- for men or women.
Auction Estimate: $++.++

*N/A -- item sold

Mori Sunshine

Truly fabulous COUTURE sterling cuff bracelet with vermeil (gold-wash) finish. This cuff is signed and dated by Japanese American
jewelry silversmith TAKESHI WADA. The bracelet is so large in proportion and weight, we assume it to be a runway design -- perhaps
for the reknowned couturier HANAE MORI .
Auction Estimate: *$++++.++

*N/A -- Item SOLD

Country Class

Large solid sterling cuff bracelet with Hallmarks. Perfect with jeans and the country....or in the city.
Auction Estimate: *$+++.++

*N/A -- Item SOLD

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